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Welcome to the website of Precision Spine & Wellness Center, a personal injury and accident clinic in Tampa. The injury clinic has a licensed chiropractor and massage therapist on site, and refers to the proper medical doctors, diagnostic imaging and medical specialists that will properly coordinate your care and recommend the proper care plan to help you recover from your injuries.The clinic treats injuries from all types of auto accidents, including at fault car accidents, pedestrians hit by a car, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, also slip and falls, as well as other personal injury accidents such as boating accidents, airplane accidents, etc. Do you have pain and it won't go away? Then call (813) 579 - 4047 or (727) 430 - 8834 or toll free at 1 - (877) 430 - 7246 (PAIN) for an immediate appointment. You can also schedule an appointment online by clicking on "Make Appointment". The car accident clinic is now open later two days a week until 10 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays (by appointment only) to fully accommodate you! Your pain won't wait. Why should you? You can email any questions that you have about your pain or condition to the chiropractor at If you are injured and are in need of a personal injury attorney, we are allowed to recommend lawyers to help you. Learn more about whiplash, car accidents, neck pain, back pain, disc injuries, what chiropractors do and other chiropractic subjects on this website. You can also find out more about products we offer, the Chiroflow water pillow and Biofreeze. These are available for purchase ONLY in the office. We will be updating more soon so check back. Thanks for visiting!


"At Precision Spine & Wellness Center we invest 100% of our time and energy to delivering first-class service to our patients. As a result, our valued patients and friends refer their family, friends and work associates to us for first class chiropractic care, massage therapy and physiotherapy after car accidents, slip and falls and all other pains, injuries and accidents. We're interested in building strong life long relationships one person at a time."

Precision Spine & Wellness Center is a personal injury clinic in Tampa with excellent car accident doctors.

Tampa chiropractor well trained in the treatment of car accidents

Tampa chiropractor for car accidents
Exercise Rehab for a car accident

Pain Relief for Car Accidents
Tampa Chiropractor for auto accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, and slip and falls
Precision Spine & Wellness Center is a personal injury clinic in Tampa for car accidents and slip and falls. They are open until 10 pm weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays.


Your Pain Won't Wait. Why Should You?


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Precision Spine & Wellness Center
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Beginning January 1st, 2013 you only  have up to 14 days after a car accident to see a doctor
to be covered under the personal injury protection (PIP) of your car insurance policy.
Seek immediate care! Schedule an appointment with us today.

After a car accident, call our car accident doctors for help.

Been in a car accident and car undriveable? We can provide transportation!

  Your pain won't wait. Why should you....for hours in the emergency room.
Tired of long waits in the emergency room after a car accident?

Come see us first....

Call your neighborhood chiropractor today to have your whiplash or other headaches, neck pain, low back pain or other pain treated!

Precision Spine & Wellness Center is a Tampa personal injury clinic that has
highly regarded  chiropractors and massage therapists
who work closely with
medical doctors and other specialists to help people recover from pain and
associated with all car accidents including at fault accidents
motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrians involved in auto accidents,
slips and falls, boating accidents, airplane accidents
, lifting injuries, or other accidents 
achieve wellness with chiropractic care, massage therapy, physiotherapy,
, cold laser light therapy, nutrition and exercise.

Precision Spine & Wellness Center is now accepting new patients! In most cases, patients can be seen on the same day! Almost all insurances are accepted!

If you have pain as a result of a car accident or another injury, then call our
emergency hotline at 1-877-430-7246 (PAIN) for immediate help! WE ARE

Please take a few moments to browse through our website to learn more about chiropractic and what chiropractors do and our office. If you have been injured, you can find out more about how a car accident or other personal injury will effect you by reading our articles and research and viewing videos. You can also learn more about products offered in the office like the Chiroflow water pillow and Biofreeze.

                                Now offering Computerized Radiograph Mensuration Analysis
                                                          of stress Xrays and alar protocols on MRI's to
                                                        fully assess ligament injuries as a result of trauma.
"We find the injuries the other guys miss."

                                                     Now offering SPINEFORCE™                                   
                                                  The First Technology to Target Deep Spinal Muscles

                                        SpineForce is the first technology designed to pinpoint and tone the
180 intrinsic stabilizer support muscles of the spine. Precision Spine
                                        and Wellness Center is proud to offer this exciting technology to its

                                        To learn more about this breakthrough technology we offer, click here!

                             Now offering the MR4 Super Pulsed Laser from MultiRadiance!

                                   Laser therapy is a proven treatment method to provide accelerated
                                   pain relief and healing for all of your injuries! 
                                   Precision Spine & Wellness Center is pleased to offer the most
                                   advanced  technology on the market!
ulti Radiance Technology is
                                   the first of its kind to combine the entire range of therapeutic light
                                   spectrum (Therapeutic Light Window) into a single technology.
                                   Multiple therapeutic radiances synergistically work together. A unique
                                   combination of these radiances creates the perfect environment for
                                   optimal pain relief and accelerated healing. 

                                   To learn more about this exciting new technology we offer, click here!


                      We also now offer the Game Ready® active compression and cold therapy 
                     technology for injury treatment and post-operative recovery. To learn more
                     about this exciting addition to our office, click here!


                          Update: If you have been injured in the evening or on the weekend  
                                    and can't wait to be seen, then call our emergency hot line for a late 
                                   evening or weekend appointment. Precision Spine & Wellness Center    
                                   always has a Tampa chiropractor on call and waiting to help you!


            AND CHIROPRACTIC CLINICS IN 2009-2010
Help After All Auto Accidents, At Fault Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accident, Pedestrian Accident, Bicycle Accident, Boating Accident, Airplane Accident, Slip and Fall, or Other Injury  




Precision Spine & Wellness Center
2529 West Busch Boulevard Suite 100
Tampa, Florida 33618


 Monday 9am - 1pm 1pm - 10pm
      Tuesday                   9am - 1pm     
 Wednesday 9am - 1pm 1pm - 10pm
 Thursday  1pm - 10pm
Friday  9am - 1pm 1pm - 10pm
      Sat & Sun     by appointment only         

CLICK HERE to schedule an appointment
or call (813) 579 - 4047 or toll free 24 hours a day at 1-866-TAMPA-CHIRO

CLICK HERE for more information about a     spinal exam! 

If you have been injured in a car accident as a result of your fault or someone else, call  
Precision Spine & Wellness Center immediately. It is urgent to seek professional health care
soon after a car accident or other serious injury to minimize pain
, help heal properly and prevent     
permanent problems. Even more important is to seek help from a health care professional
like a chiropractor who is best  trained to understand the seriousness of whiplash injuries and
has the knowledge and resources  to best help. Dr. Brian Drutman, the clinic owner and
Tampa chiropractor at Precision Spine & Wellness Center has more than 10 years of
experience treating whiplash and other injuries
and has helped thousands of Tampa Bay
residents recover from their injuries. Need a car accident lawyer? Dr. Drutman
can also recommend personal injury attorneys
to represent you if you have been injured.

After a car accident, call Precision Spine & Wellness Center, a Tampa injury clinic first. We can help you with a personal injury attorney if you need a lawyer

Tampa Bay has many of the most dangerous roads in Florida. Please drive carefully and
pay attention to the road at all times and remember to buckle up.

To view a list of the 10 most dangerous intersections in Tampa Bay, CLICK HERE

Want to find out where car accidents are occurring right now in Tampa? CLICK HERE    

Precision Spine & Wellness Center can help with any of the following: 
                                   Headaches                       Neck Pain                                  Mid Back Pain               
                                   Low Back Pain Arm Pain         Shoulder Pain
                                   Elbow Pain Wrist Pain       Leg Pain
                                   Hip Pain Knee Pain       Foot Pain
                                   TMJ Disorder Numbness       Tightness
                                   Tingling Car Accidents       Whiplash
                                   Sports Injuries Slip and Falls       Work Injuries
                                   Arthritis Fibromyalgia       Disc Injuries
                                   Degenerative Disc Disease Nutrition & Wellness       Weight Loss

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 Our Office is Located at:
   Office Phone: (813) 579-4047
 2529 West Busch Boulevard Suite 100
  Toll Free: 1-866-TAMPA-CHIRO
 Tampa, Florida 33618
    Fax: (866) 254-3787




 Dr. Brian Drutman,  a Tampa Bay chiropractor, treats patients injured from car accidentsslips and falls, lifting injuries, or from other unknown causes. Patients are also seen for chiropractic care to maintain health.

After a car accident, call Precision Spine & Wellness Center, a Tampa injury clinic first. We can help you with a personal injury attorney if you need a lawyerStill in pain from a car accident? Our auto accident doctors can help!Slip and Fall? You don't have to live with neck or back pain! Our personal injury doctors can help! We offer chiropractic,  chiropractic, massage therapy, physiotherapy, cold laser therapy, Game Ready and Spine Force!Headaches? Dr. Brian Drutman, the Tampa chiropractor at Precision Spine & Wellness Center can help!
Precision Spine & Wellness Center, a Tampa personal injury clinic, has a licensed massage therapist and car accident doctors.

             Dr. Brian Drutman, Tampa chiropractor                                   2529 West Busch Boulevard Suite 100
       Ph: 813-579-4047 or 1-866-TAMPA-CHIRO                                                     Tampa, Florida 33618

Note: Dr. Brian Drutman is not a personal injury
lawyer and any questions emailed to him that are legal in nature will not be answered
and should be instead asked to a qualified  personal injury attorney
We can provide names of Tampa attorneys if you don't have one yet.